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    Custom Dice for HEXXEN1773 - Help wanted

    Hexxen1773 uses a varying number of six sided dice, showing 2* Successs, 2* Nothing, 2* Star (which mean 1/2 Success).

    So now i use

    /die 'X'd6s5#100s4#1

    to get an Output like '204' , meaning 2 Success, 4 Stars.

    There must be a better way that im just missing.
    And surely there is an Option to handele the 'X' in the formula, in a way that i can put the formula on a hotkey and beeing asked to give the numbers of dices?

    Can someone help me there??
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    The automatic dice rolling and dice display system only supports integers, not fractional results.

    You'd have to create an extension to support a custom rolling scheme, and custom chat output.


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