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    FGU Early Access - Updates

    This thread will be used to communicate changes during the early access period.


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    • Added /kick chat command. Use without parameters to get list of connected users.
    • Added DNS resolution to direct IP connect field in launcher Join Game screen.
    • Launcher links pointing to incorrect locations. Fixed.
    • Formatted text field changes to module data not being saved. Fixed.
    • Deleting a single point on a wall polygon occluder did not change the polygon state. Fixed.
    • Image token radial menu incorrectly disabled when shortcuts disabled. Fixed.
    • Delete all pointers radial menu on GM image not deleting player pointers. Fixed.
    • Image door state toggling by players not being forwarded to other players. Fixed.
    • Other player pointers not appearing on player images. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; March 19th, 2020 at 05:33.

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    • Lobby data may fail to load in some situations. Fixed.
    • [MAC] Navigation keys creating invalid characters in text fields. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Database node information was not automatically being added to string/number field drag behavior like FGC. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; March 19th, 2020 at 22:38.

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    • Improvements in handling of special characters for lobby data.
    • License keys entered in lowercase or without dashes would fail in some situations. Fixed.
    • Scrollbar not working in layers list of image data control. Fixed.
    • Mask display not updating when swapping between image window and image background panel. Fixed.
    • Image pointer drag handles remained on screen after pointer deleted. Fixed.
    • [VtM] Script errors when changing tabs on PC sheet. Fixed.
    • [DEV] Destroying and creating controls with same name in same script would clear parent window Lua name references. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; March 20th, 2020 at 21:32.

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    • Graphics performance adjustments added.
    • Module edits to formatted text fields causing duplication on reload. Fixed for new loads.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; March 24th, 2020 at 23:41.

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    • Updated network library to prevent host disconnects on UDP reset scenarios.
    • Unused and incorrect lobby connection field removed from launcher.
    • Removed lobby connection when running as player or in LAN game to reduce lobby server load.
    • When lobby server connection lost while hosting game, host will attempt to reconnect and re-register server.
    • Die text adjusted to be a little easier to read.
    • Right clicking while dragging image token causes LoS and token access to be lost. Fixed.
    Last edited by Moon Wizard; March 24th, 2020 at 23:41.

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    • LAN server mode was randomizing port, instead of using designated port. Fixed.
    • [SWADE] Wound splatter graphic displayed too large. Fixed.
    • [DEV] bitmapwidget.setSize values being ignored when drawing control widgets. Fixed.

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    • Direct IP address connections outside local LAN would throw invalid address error. Fixed.
    • Network logging was not getting all the information needed to diagnose connection issues. Fixed.

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    • [CoreRPG+] Party sheet item distribution throws error after first item distributed. Fixed.
    • [CoC7E] Occupational skill points invisible after updating occupation. Fixed.
    • [CoC7E] Story title and headers not displaying. Fixed.

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    • Adjusted network channels used to have larger queues to help with possible packet loss. Still investigating further.

    NOTE: Both GM and players must be on this version to connect with each other.

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