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    Invisible Effects

    Question: Is it possible to apply an effect to a PC that is invisible to the PC? How do you hide it? Specifically, if they get a disease or a curse and should not yet be aware of it, i would like to apply the effects then make them figure out why they are weakened/ throwing up/ etc.

    But, it appears that as soon as you apply the effect there is a glaring neon sign that says 'Tetanus' and they immediately run to the cleric for healing.

    Is this a feature already and I just have not seen it?

    If not, how do other players approach this? Someone in my, 'we don't check for traps' is about to catch a disease. i would like to hide it from them until they do some investigating.


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    Create the effect in the effects dialog, and click the eye icon to make it invisible. When applied to the PC from there it will not be visible to the player, but you as DM will still be able to control everything about it. Don't forget to give it a decent time spam lest it only last for a turn by default.
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    Or, create a blank effect on the PC, toggle it to GM and then add in the info you need.
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    A picture being worth a thousand words, compare these two images:

    effect visible.jpg effect gm.jpg

    The little blue rectangle can be clicked by the GM to toggle from visible to gm-only. To see these options, you will need to expand the effects for the PC by clicking this:

    effects show.jpg
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