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    Agreed! I love the 'sharing tavern menu with players' option, but they have to have this Module loaded for that to work, and it takes a long time for this module to load for them. Unless there is a way to not have that as a requirement so players can see the menus?
    The menu should become a story entry once it's generated and then you just share the story that was created with the players. Not the generator itself.
    Fantasy Grounds Unity may be official now, but its release may take a while yet.

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    Ah, ok. I remember trying it before with a player and they could not read the descriptions or something. I believe they just saw the title, I can't remember exactly. Perhaps there is some other table I had loaded that they did not?

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    I heard mention that there were issues with this still and issue?

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    Dude. You can't imagine how amazing it is, to come here after looking for something "that kinda works" on google, only to find this amazing work. Works perfeclty on the latest version of unity. Wondrers.

    Thank you!

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