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    Try sharing from the world builder window rather than the individual entry window.
    Oh wow... I did not see that. Thank you!

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    One of my players turned me on to the trick. 😉
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    After a lot of use and work I have absolutely to tell you I love this extension and so many many thanks to you!!!.

    By the way do you think to add new features on World Builder side?? (I am DM so I use massively the World Builder)..

    I thought further types of entries or a way to customize label for the fields or even the possibilities to add new custom field (a lot of time I need to make a list of link inside a field and share only some of the rows)..

    I am here only to thank you for the work and give you some suggestion for the future if you need it..
    Thanks again!!!

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    Ill look to add it to the item radial menu.

    Hi redba what did you have in mind?

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    Ok @damned so you have unleashed the beast inside me..ahahaah
    I try to explain as better as I can and please please again I would emphasize I only suggest and do not asking nothing if too much work or no time :-)

    1. The World Builder is very useful (IMHO) for manage all campaing data like a DB so it should be wonderful to have the possibilities to search a tag or a word INSIDE the world builder entry and not only in the title (for example: I set type field to "shop" and I would search all entry of the type shop); or at least to search the entry by main type (Place, Group, Entity, Religion and other); maybe a button in the main world builder form will help..
    2. It should be incredible to have the possibility to "create" or full personalize a new the World Builder Entry Main Type (now we have Place, Group, Entity, Religion and other) so I can choose the name of the label (In Place or Languages and so on) and if the field is shareble or not (like In Place or GM Notes) and how fields to include or not..
    3. Now you entry is composed by a first page (Main) and a second page (Order) and It should be good to have a third slot for an info page for GM only for info notes, link, image and so on..
    4. Maybe also the possibilities to add to the "NEW" third page list items like a Shop (not only link items) cause some times is very useful to user your ENTITY type to manage single NPC without entry stats but with some type of little inventory)..
    5. Now I try explain what I have in mind when I speak about the possibilities to SELECT the single row to share with player.. There are a lot of field can support lists (I think Relationships, Major NPCs, Images, Other Places..) and it should be fantastic to have the possibility to check those (one by one) to share or not share with players (In my campaign I created an Other type entry to manage the cropped parts of the main city the players have to explore and list all image link inside Other Places field but I can't share with them the singles discovered index list entries (cause I have to check the full field to share) instead they see also the undiscovered ones).. I attach en example.. (ignore the italian parts )

    Index List.PNG

    For managing structured-data-related-info your World Builder is simply perfect...
    I hope I have been clear and if I have not been I apologize but English is not my mother tongue
    Thank again for your time.. And keep in mind this is only my two cents and nothing more.. (maybe you can suggest any trick to get around to some of the problems above...

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    Being able to fully personalize and adabt the various types (Location, Group, Entity), by changing the various categories (Religion, history, etc), would be absolutely awesome and make it just about 10 times more awesome.

    I don't know what the best and easiest way to do that would be, but the important issue for me, is that I would not have to do it every time I make a new entry into the worldbuilder. That would be too much works. Wether the ability to create your own custom types, or if copying an existing entry you have customized, would retain the changes, is the easiest or best way to do, I couldn't say.

    Just my two copper pieces worth of thought

    Vires Animi

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    Ohh yes well said!! I agree with you and I've forgotten to mention it..

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    have you thought about putting this on Forge so updates are automatic?

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