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    ChatBat (Chat comBat Extension)

    This is my first attempt at an extension. I expect there will be bugs, but I hope you find it useful. PRs are welcome if you are a developer and want to help.

    It allows users to do targeting from the chat window. I plan to add attack and damage rolls in the future. I built it with CoreRPG so it should work with any ruleset, but I've only tested it with 5e.

    The idea is to drag the commands from chat into hotkeys, and then be able to do auto targeting and clear targeting with hotkeys.

    What follows is a copy and paste from the readme, which is easier to read on github:

    How to use it
    From the chat window, type /cb (or /chatbat) to get quick help.

    If you are the GM, ChatBat will work with the combatant who's turn it is. If you are a player, ChatBat will work with your PC(s) only.

    To auto-target type /cb t. If you are targeting from a 'friendly' or 'neutral' faction it will target the nearest 'hostile' combatant. If you are targeting from a 'hostile' combatant it will target the nearest 'friendly' combatant. Entering /cb t again will target the next nearest combatant, eventually cycling back to the nearest.

    To override the target faction you can type /cb t {faction}. You can specify faction as f or friend for friendly, h, hostile or foe for hostile, or n or neutral` for neutral.

    To target multiple combatants, add a count to the command. For example, if you wanted to cast Bless on three of your friends you could use /cb t f 3.

    To clear your targets use /cb c.

    Known Bugs
    • Players who control more than one character can only use ChatBat with the first one. Need to have it support multiple PCs.

    • More than just targeting! It will eventually include attack and damage rolls.
    • The ability to reset the combat tracker after an encounter
    • Use of language strings to support internationalization
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    Very nice. Well done.
    I was struggling with the utility of the concept reading the first couple of lines but the auto selecting targets is very neat. I like it.

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    Nice concept Vam, well done

    Cheers, Steve

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    Thanks for the encouraging feedback. I found targeting is what slows down the campaigns I'm running more than anything, so I think this will help a lot to make combat run more smoothly.

    I spent some time working on auto-attack but I think that'll be a much bigger project. I figured out how to get at NPC weapons so far. Next is to figure out how to translate those into attack rolls, and then to expand out to spells, PCs, and other powers. Once I get that far I think damage will be a breeze. It looks like attack will be ruleset specific too. I'd like to have it auto-select melee vs ranged based on distance, etc.

    I don't want to go as far as suggested in the feature "Enemy AI - Auto Combat for Monsters", but I like the idea of automating simple attacks for GMs and repetitive attacks for players using hotkeys. I'll keep chipping away at it.

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