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    FGU Updater appears to update even if another instance of FGU is running

    The FGU Updater detects if another instance of Fantasy Grounds is running and displays an error message that says it will continue after all instances of FG are closed. However, the updater appears to continue anyways, albeit at a much slower rate.

    To recreate:
    1. Launch FGU
    2. Launch a second instance of FGU
    3. Run the updater in either FGU instance
    4. Wait ~10 seconds
    5. In the background behind the error message, the updater progress bar shows the update going through and updating packages. Update progress appears to be much slower compared with the normal behavior (note: my install is currently up to date, so there is nothing to download).
    6. Close the other instance of FGU. The updater error message will disappear as expected, and the update will continue at normal rate.

    The FGU Updater also detects FG Classic as a running instance of Fantasy Grounds. I didn't expect these to conflict, but this may be working as designed. I have both FGC and FGU installed using the default directories. Similar to the above issue, the updater will actually continue (slowly) in the background. The error is cleared once FGC is closed.
    To recreate:
    1. Launch FGC
    2. Launch FGU
    3. Click 'Check For Updates' in FGU
    4. FGU shows an error message that Fantasy Grounds is currently running. The updater (slowly) begins running in the background.
    5. Close FGC. The error message in FGU goes away and the update continues, now at the (faster) expected rate.

    • Windows 10
    • New installation of FGU (14-May 2020)
    • Default data directories
      • FGU data directory: AppData/Roaming/SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds
      • FGC data directory: AppData/Roaming/Fantasy Grounds

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    Thanks for reporting. I've added to the list for Ryan to investigate.


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