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    Dungeon Crawl Classics - Interest in Joining a Campaign

    Greetings, fair reader.

    I have been running mainly D&D 5e on FG throughout the past few years, with some Savage Worlds thrown in. I have a full license (for Classic and Unity), so have only ever required demo licenses from my players.

    I have been checking out the DCC ruleset over the past month, and am very interested in running a campaign using this system as I think that this could be a really fun system to play... being a mashup of old school D&D and d20 (3.5e era).

    I have used external software for OOC chat (like TeamSpeak and Discord), with all of the RPing actually taking place within FG as text chat. I have always found that this enables deep RPing (something that I truly enjoy) without the pressure of having to do voicesm which is something that not everyone (myself included) is comfortable with.

    I guess that the whole point of this is that I am sticking my head out in here to see if there would be enough interest in my style of GMing (or Judging, as DCC calls it) and in this RPG. I am trying to decide whether to run DCC based modules, or convert some of the classic D&D (pre-3rd edition) ones.

    The day would be Sunday... the time would be 12:00 noon Central (which is 10:00am Pacific, or 1:00pm Eastern). With my current group, we were playing for up to 5 hours, sometime more depending on what everyone had going on.

    I would want to do this when Unity is officially launched, so that it would be optimized for playing and be a lot more stable than it currently is during the beta.

    So... any interest out there?
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    I would be interested in running a few games with you from time to time. I'm relatively new to DCC as well though I've been playing and GMing RPGs since 1981. I currently run with a group that plays on Sunday mornings and our end time is close to your start time. We play on an irregular schedule. I'm not able to commit to a regular campaign as I don't want to play all day on any given Sunday. So if you plan any one-shots or need a drop in player from time to time, let me know.

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    Interested. I'd love to see the ruleset\game as a player.

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