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    Thank you! Good to know... I don't have Twitter. Lets hope everything goes well for him and his family!
    Indeed. Family comes first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamemasterbob View Post
    Indeed. Family comes first.
    Been working on 1.1 this morning, still working it this afternoon. Love doing stuff.

    I'm working from home, the missus is working from home, my two girls are not at school (but could be as I'm classed as a key worker - as I work in government) and we're all isolating, though we don't have to at this time, I think it's wise we do.

    I'm splitting my 'not at the pub' time between coding for things (FG -> Traveller, CoC, WOiN, VtM) but also new skills, just fancied learning how to pen-test websites recently.

    So let's hope things remain stable in the UK and that I can produce a load of stuff.


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