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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonin View Post
    Camarilla book is now available on in the store
    Hi, do you know what's extra on this? The description on Steam and here y veeeery vague. I don't really know what i would get if i buy this.


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    Based on the book itself I would assume that you will get the book content: descriptions (mainly updated lore and Camarilla structure), pictures, Lore sheets, and Clan Banu Haqim specifics (bane, clan compulsion, clan token, 2 additional rituals).

    The general consensus that I have heard around me is that the price requested (almost the same as the one for the base ruleset) is too high compared to what it is expected to offer.

    Rulebook is 420+ pages / Ruleset is offering the whole game mechanics in FG on top of the content + tables + NPCs.
    Camarilla book is around 200 pages.
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    instead of london Chicago by night gets us the lasombra clan and oblivion and we need that for both lasambra and hecata

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nysno View Post
    What can we expect from Modiphius going forward?

    When can we expect popular content like:

    Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition: Fall of London

    Vampire: Chicago By Night

    What additional game guides are planned?
    There are 2 quick-start adventures available for V5: "the Monsters" and "The New Blood Starter Pack". Have there been any plans or discussions to have them officially converted to Fantasy Grounds?

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    The New Blood pack (I have it) isn't really worth it, in my opinion. It's got some pregen abbreviated characters with simplified dice pools and is really just a short adventure to handhold you through teaching the ideas and rolls.

    It could be used with other characters, but there's no lore there to make it worthwhile. The pregen characters as abbreviated SPCs wouldn't be useful currently as abbreviated SPCs don't import into the combat tracker, at the moment.

    Ultimately I didn't find it to be worth the $5 I paid for it as the hooks were generic and really narrowly focused on these pregen characters.

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    I find New Blood good for a one shot testing players and allowing them to discover the world and the game system.

    I have created a module for personal use, it is relatively quick to create as there are few NPCs for combat interaction and more dialogue with the other NPCs. What took me time is to find sounds and develop a soundboard as well as finding pictures for NPCs and locations.

    I doubt an official FG module will be created for New Blood seen that there are other priorities such as Chicago by Night and the Fall of London.

    I did not like Monsters so much as it is, I had to adapt the story, and, again, it is a one shot scenario.
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    Miss post, I did not see how to delete
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    Has this gameline been abandoned?

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    the system takes time to build the next book. it took 8 months just to get the cam book out.

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