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    Ok thank you for the further info.

    I only manage MoreCore and not this mod.
    I can update the Roll in MoreCore.

    So the first two dice should individually be compare to the action/third dice?
    Can you confirm.
    That is, the action die is compared individually with each challenge die.

    To consider a success the action die must be greater than the result of the challenge die.

    Challenge Dice (2d10)

    Action die (1d6)

    The order would be as follows:

    - First the bonuses are added to the result of the action die

    - Then compare that result with each of the challenge dice

    if the action result is greater than a Challenge die -> Weak hit

    if the action result is greater than 2 Challenge dice -> Strong Hit

    Else -> Miss

    Example with bonuses:

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    I have been hearing about Ironsworn a lot lately. It is wonderful that this module and extension exist!! Thank you for creating and supporting the fixes. I will definitely be playing around with it. Did the above mentioned roll issues get resolved?
    I am adept at conversions, so if help is needed with Delve...

    Or is this a dead-ish thread?

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    Hi, thank you so much for creating this.

    Is this working?
    I would really like to use this, but the extension wont show up for me.
    I am using FGU by the way.

    Would appreciate any updates on this.

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