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    Frog God Games' Game Day | May 31, 2020

    "Frog God Games' Game Day | May 31, 2020
    Hop on over to Frog God Games Discord Channel and join us for Frog God Games' Game Day!
    Join us to play a game or two for this one day event on Sunday, May 31, 2020. There are three types of badges available. Sign up today!"


    Some of the featured games use FG, some Roll20 and others are pure Theater of the Mind (Discord or Zoom)

    Their DISCORD:

    Registration Schedule:
    May 17 Registration Opens (2PM Central time)
    May 18 Frog Badge sign-up for games begins (2PM Central time)
    May 19 Lottery for Bill and Matt’s games will be held during the Discord Frog Chat at 8PM (Central time)
    May 20 Knight Badge sign up for game begins (2PM Central time)
    May 21 Squire Badge sign-up for games begins (2PM Central time)

    Attached to this post is the "Games being run schedule and description"
    Also, newletter announcing it here (if link works): Announcement
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    Less than Two hours left for registration for Knight “priority game registration” badge. It’s $5 to get if do before 2PM CST (Central US time zone in case you are not in US, ~ 90 mins from this post) - ~25 max badges left

    After that, can still register for FREE badge which lets you register for one game tomorrow after Knight Badges get head start. There are about 35 of the free badges left. (But selecting game’s on that starts TOMORROW at 2PM CST)

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    Note, this is a small one day event due to being an in-house mainly cos with some of the module writers GMing their own Frog Gods modules. I hope they expand it next year

    I played in Jon Hooks Blight module at Gary Con online. Was a blast. There is only one PF game and it is in Roll20 cos that’s what the DM there uses all the time. Others have FG and Theatre of the mind games.

    The lottery seats for Matt Finch and Bill Webb weee already lotteries last night among Knight and Free badge holders so they are full. Rest is mostly open.

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    Those look awesome, thanks for the heads up! I played a DCC playtest game with Jon Hook a couple years ago - he's a good dude. Michael Potter and Edwin Nagy are also running games, and I would highly recommend them any day. I'm definitely going to try to get into one of these if I can!

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    Michael Potter is great (and I am NOT sucking up - I know I will "end up in the Backpack" no matter what I say here - to be fair, mainly because of what my character DOES in the game...)

    I was in his GaryCon Mouth of Doom game and it was both a lot of fun AND I was shocked and amazed at the PRODIGIOUS level of calm and patience he showed helping some total newbies and one in particular who could not find the simplest things on his character sheet. It was saintly. Of course, folks reading this are not likely to need that sort of patient hand-holding even if they come from another ruleset, but there you have it.

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    I am an accountant, patience is my life ...
    Ultimate License. Running 2 5e campaigns. Asks lots of questions. PureVPN is a tested solution to run games when traveling.

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    Haha - true dat.


    Last day or part day to register. They have about 15 free badges and 20 $5 badges. Of course, if you want any books or PDFs from them the &5 one is a better deal cos they give you a $10 coupon for their store for Knight Badge holders.

    Otherwise there is no different Lnight ($5) badges got to sign up 2 days earlier than Squire(free) but now registration has been open for all for days.

    Lastly, after 2PM tomorrow people can register for second games so if you want in register before that to have more chance at game you want.

    They have 5E, S&W and PF1 games (1 slot in one game left and all 6 in the other game are left for PF1 - only one DM for PF1 that day)

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    PS - forgot, they also have a “Game Day” module for presale until 31st after that there will be no more physical copies I think not sure of pdf? You can find out at their store for sure.

    EDIT: Verified, after May31 preorder date no print copies of the Fame Day module will be sold. Only pdf.

    The module is called “Scents and Sensibilities”.

    It is available in 5e/PF1/S&W versions.

    It has... “Stank Hogs” in it...
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