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    Advanced Armor Toughness Bonus

    So I am having a hard time figuring out how to add a toughness bonus to armor. I.e. Player has a base Toughness of 4, they put on the Fancy Armor; +4 Heavy Armor, +2 Toughness. I can get it to add the +4 no problem bringing their toughness up to 8 but cant figure out how to get it to give a player the armors toughness bonus as well for a total toughness of 10. I've tried adding an effect but can't drag the effects to armor, also tried just writing in the effect on the armor...maybe i'm doing it wrong? Any help is much appreciated. Thank in advance!
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    Answer to my question, putting the effect in the text field under availability gives the bonus in combat, it doesnt reflect in the actual toughness so it is deceiving. Instead of deleting this post figured i'd just post the answer to my question here. LOL, anyway sometimes you have to ask a question to figure it out yourself sometimes...
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    You can also do it manually, open up the options under the toughness Stat, not the shield. Either double click it, or middle mouse click, and add the 2 toughness there. That is what I did when running rifts.
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