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    So fair warning for FG:Unity users. This will corrupt your campaign and give a connection error upon use.
    Not seeing any issues on my end.

    Great job iamscience, this is a must have for me going forward.
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    Oddly enough, I don't have an issue with inventory because I keep mine organized by location, which keeps items in the backpack under the backpack listing...items in a pouch under the pouch listing...items on a belt under the belt listing, etc. Nicely organized that way. I've run across very few players that do that, probably because they don't know that you can, I guess...

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    I always loved how the inventory tab organized things. Was very small, but really caught your eye with what was in what.
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    What I love about it is the Reload function and the rename of inventory to show used Batteries and whatnot..
    I could do without the resort functions.
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    Excellent mod! Is there a way you could isolate the reload part of the extension? The Inventory sorting is cool but my PC's have grown accustomed to FG's sub-container's or w/e they're called.

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    My players are getting an error when reloading energy weapons with batteries (but not reloading rounds), and I'm not getting any errors at all. We're all running the most up to date version of the client.

    There error they're receiving:
    [6/9/2020 8:50:44 AM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Script execution error: [string "campaign/scripts/char_weapon.lua"]:300: copyNode: Invalid parameter 2

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