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    Where do Special Abilities get recorded?

    I'm not sure how to record a characters special abilities.

    I have a lvl 3 Soldier, whom has the following:

    Armor savant: +1 to AC when in arbor, and -1 ACP for heavy armor

    Grenade Expert: 10 min to salvage a grenade ...

    Fearless: Vesk receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against fear effects

    Should these just get recorded in the notes section, or is there some other way to record it on the character sheet?

    Lastly, on the skills page, why are some totals shaded with a red background?


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    AC and ACP see attachments.

    Edit: AC is the main character sheet tab, ACP the inventory tab.

    AC you can change both misc columns from 0 to a 1 (like in the image), ACP, you would reduce the ACP by 1 (so you would change e.g. -3 to -2).

    The rest I would either put under notes or as an effect.

    Red means you are untrained (= the PC does not have at least one skill rank in it and the skill can only be attempted trained - with the exception of DC 10 checks).
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    Thanks - that was very helpful!


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