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    SFS scenarios on FG

    In case people missed it,

    SFS #1-01: The Commencement and #1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet now seem to be available on FG.

    1-01 is a pretty neat introduction to SFS and SF in general (with one pretty annoying mechanic during one part), 1-02 is really short but has a nice Firefly feel to it.

    Edit: I recommend not looking at the product page if you are interested in playing these scenarios as there are some spoilers.
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    So are these the first SFS scenarios on Fantasy Grounds? They must be releasing some every other week then? Is there a release calendar or thread for what scenarios are likely to come out and when?

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    By now, 1-04, 1-05, 1-06, 2-15 and 2-16 also have been released.

    No release calendar as far as I'm aware.

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    I am getting to them as fast as I get the files. A few more are in the pipe. A few first season and two second season.

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    Dropbox Link To Maps Folder

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    You are doing Kadrical the Preserver's work Madman, very much appreciated.

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