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    Questions about Table Rolls & Story templates.

    I need to know if the following actions are possible right now, and if positive, how:

    - Is it possible to sort the results of a table alphabetically? (i'm creating a shop generator for my campaign, and i want it to either group the repeated stores or at least put the togheter one after another.)
    - Is it possible to use the output of a table to multiply another table? (ex.: [[table 1]x][table 2])
    - Is it possible to generate an item through a table roll and then generate items inside that item automatically?
    - How can i recall the output of a specific column in a table? I mean, you can do something like [table|1] to roll just the 1st column in a table, but what would be the equivalent to <table|1>?

    Can somebody help me with that? Thx in advance...
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    The rollable table system not not support any of those capabilities that you are asking about. It supports basic multi-roll chained tables in the order rolled.

    Anything more advanced than that would require writing your own extension to implement whatever system you wanted to build; but that would require coding in Lua and XML to implement as an add-on.


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    You can call a table from another, see the wiki for an example. But there is no way to pass results or use them as parameters or attributes for future rolls.

    Look at story templates, they,wont do exactly want you want, but may help you get closer.

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