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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    That doesn’t appear to be the issue here; but I’ll keep that in mind.
    Maybe my issue is not the same as the one you are seeing then. and Granted, mine was on FGC, not FGU.

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    So I guess I'm wondering why would flood detection have to do with disconnects when there is no one connected. I opened FGU a few minutes ago (waited the 3min+ time for it to load) and clicked on images&maps and it the disconnect popped up. It just seems really random to blame flood detection as well, because I did host a session about a month ago in FGU where we didn't disconnect until like at the end of a four hour session.
    connection Error1.png

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    I was able to recreate locally on my laptop, and I'm working with the network library developer to figure out the situation. It doesn't happen on my desktop, even though they are on the same wireless network.


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    Hmm, do you think it's a network card issue? My card is:

    Edit: It's a killer 1535
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    I wouldn't think so, but you never know what the issue may end up being. I just looked up the adapter on both my laptop and desktop; but they are both Killer Wireless. (1535 / AX1650x) Only my laptop has the issue, as far as I know. It's harder to create here for me, because it takes an hour to trigger. That's why I'm working with network library developer to get help on tracking down.


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    The build I pushed yesterday included a new version of the network library with an updated timeout scheme for the relay connection issue you were seeing. On my laptop that always disconnected around the 45-60min mark, I ran an 8-hour and 2-hour session without disconnect. Can you let me know if you're still getting disconnects in the latest version, and any console messages if you do?


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    I was on for around an hour last night by myself with no disconnect. Going to try to run another game this weekend.

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    Just wanted to report, GM'd a session for over 4 hours with no one disconnecting, so whatever you guys did, thank you!!

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    Thanks for reporting back; I appreciate it. You were the main one having the issue (other than my laptop), but I'm sure more people would have been affected as we opened up release.


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