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    Cannot run a session now with crashes/connection errors/maps disappearing

    So whatever was done to "enhance" the network, has pretty much made the game unplayable now. I ran a session and I crashed and then people were having errors - license key conflict, something about name servers, etc. We would get everyone in to the game except 1 person( different people each time) then I'd have to restart the server again which takes like 5mins easily. Then after about an hour of this, finally got everyone back into the game and my map was just gone, when I opened it, it was grey. So now I have to redo the map, adding all the LOS. So killed the game session.

    missing map.png
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    After 5 mins of launching:

    connection error.png

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    That looks like you don't have the latest update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    That looks like you don't have the latest update.
    Not sure how you came to that conclusion, but yes, I have the latest update.

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    same here on my LAN - never had this issue before today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Copernicus219 View Post
    So whatever was done to "enhance" the network, has pretty much made the game unplayable now. I ran a session and I crashed and then people were having errors
    It's interesting to report that things didn't go well, and with Sgain corroborating maybe the report will help the devs figure out what's going on, but to REALLY help the devs figure out what's going you should collect the error messages people are having and paste them into your report. I know that requires stopping the play session, but it's also how to make fixes happen quickly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Copernicus219 View Post
    So killed the game session.
    Some advice I gave in another thread:

    The latest guidance on live play sessions for fun is still "don't". You risk session breaking bugs and campaign corruption: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post471093. That said, it's been viable for a while to run TEST one-shot sessions locally as long as your players know they're being guinnea pigs. And with yesterday's update, the networking has received a major update as well. We may now be in a state where networked test sessions work well enough for real playtesting.

    In my opinion, the way to decide if FGU is ready for you to run a session is to ask yourself how you'd feel if you had to stop the session early due to a game-breaking bug that you couldn't play through and had to stop, characterize, and report immediately. If that session feels like a success because you found and reported an important bug, and finding bugs is why we're here in the beta... then FGU is ready for you. If you feel angry or disappointed about FGU interrupting your game... then run it in FGC which is a known quantity.
    If it's possible for FGU to "kill" a session in your mind, you shouldn't be using FGU to run that session in the first place. FGU is a good match if a "successful" session looks like "We hit a bunch of bugs, we stopped playing to record the error messages and post our experiences to a forum thread. It was a really productive testing session!" If a successful session for you means not hitting bugs, you should be running the session in FGC.

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    I would love to run in FGC, but my router won't let me because of something to do with flood control and port forwarding issues, which is the reason I decided to dump $135 into FGU. I did ask, but no one got a ss of the error. I realize this is beta, but this stage beta shouldn't be show-stopping bugs. I do QA for a living, and while I don't mind helping when I can, FGU is now a month and a half behind schedule. The reason I say it killed a game session is important because imo all the big, showstopper bugs should have been squashed by now. The dev's need to know that for them to meet their new goal in 1.5 months that the game is still so unstable to even play more than a half hour. I'm not being paid for this QA work. I will bring as much info I can when I run into bugs, but it's not my job to do this, it's the dev's job.

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    You sound frustrated and like FG isn't working for you right now, which sucks. I'm sorry things aren't going smoothly. It's certainly not your job to be debugging FGU if you don't want to be. If you're using FGU for live play today though, you are volunteering to make its problems your problems. It's marked as a beta and the dev team have stated in no uncertain terms that it's not ready for live play. It's reasonable to WANT it to be ready for live play. It's reasonable to note that it's already been delayed and to say that it SHOULD be ready for live play by now. But that's not the reality, and it's mostly not under our control. If you double-down on running live play sessions in FGU today... you're definitely choosing to have more frustrating/failed sessions. None of us... not you, the community, or the devs (who are already working as fast as they can) can prevent that.

    ... which is why I suggested FGC. It sounds like you've already tried that and already faced frustration there too... which sucks doubly. However... it is POSSIBLE for you to sort out the networking problems in FGC more or less immediately, and more or less on your own (perhaps only after investing an unreasonable amount of time and irritation and requiring an unreasonable amount of community help). Having to work so hard to get any game running sucks triply... but with FGC it's at least POSSIBLE to get a stable game going today, doing the same with FGU requires time and the cooperation of many people characterizing and fixing the bugs that unfortunately do still exist. So for live play, I still recommend you circle back on FGC and fix your networking problems, which can be overcome today (unlike your FGU problems). The next place to check out if your router has already failed all the common advice around port-forwarding is this: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...d-Alternatives I personally would look to Hamachi next as I believe it can be free for most use-cases and it and doesn't have any router setup requirements.
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    I started having that issue as well. However I found going into settings and re-logging in with credentials before starting server fixed the issue for me.

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    Be aware, the entire network library for FGU was replaced in the last week or so because the previous one wasnt working. So yea, it's frustrating, but the network side of FGU is really brand new and bound to have issues.

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