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    SFS Interest check February 29th

    As a lot of the regular players will not be able to make next weekend:

    Who would be available for 1. #2-17: Cost of Living (tier 3-6), 2. a tier 1-4 or 3. a tier 7-10 at SAT February 29th A. around 2 PM UTC or B. around 6.30 PM UTC?

    Please indicate the tier and timeslot you could make.

    Also please note that due to external circumstances there is a risk I might have to cancel the game on short notice.

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    1. #2-17: Cost of Living (tier 3-6)
    It's possible that I could play assuming I have no travel interference. The earlier 2PM slot is usually best.
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    Yes. Either of the lower tiers
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    it is keen on StarFinder at 1400z this Saturday; it is hosting a D&D5E game at 1900z -- with actual humans coming over to its apartment -- so it cannot play if StarFinder start time is later than 1400z...

    as for level of play: it has a 1st-level technomancer, a 6th-level envoy, and a 7th-level technomancer: thus, any tier below 9-10 is fine. it should note, however, that its highest-level character is its favorite!

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