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    Quote Originally Posted by Egheal View Post
    vlc://file:///c:/temp/Fire1.wav is a working link, corresponding to a file stored on my c:/ disk though. So I don't understand what is the problem.
    Isn't that handled by the VLC file handler though? The issue is that, until recently, you could have just called c:/temp/fire1.wav and it would have been opened in whatever application you have set as the default application associated with that file type.
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    Ok I understand. Thanks!

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    I am having an issue when using audio triggers together with an imported audio list.
    I had created an initial list of audio entries in campaign A. I exported this list to campaign B, which already had its own list of audio entries.
    When I try to add audio entries from campaign B to a random trigger, the trigger incorrectly looks for the audio entry from campaign A. It seems like AudioOverseer gets confused when having to deal with an index coming from a module, if the same ID is present in the campaign.

    Here is an example of the issue.
    Audio entries in module exported from campaign A. Exported as EXP_A
    • Sound_A - id-0001
    • Sound_B - id-0002
    • Sound_C - id-0003

    Audio entries created in campaign B
    • Sound_1 - id-0001
    • Sound_2 - id-0002
    • Sound_3 - id-0003

    I am currently running campaign B. I will now create a trigger with Sound_C from campaign A and Sound_1 from campaign B. Here is how it looks like in the database.
    		<name type="string">Sound_C</name>
    		<sound type="string">[email protected]_A</sound>
    		<name type="string">Sound_1</name>
    		<sound type="string">audio.id-00001</sound>
    In FGU, the random trigger list will appear to be fine. The names of each entry will be right. However, when opening each entry, or activating the trigger, here is how the list actually looks like
    • Sound_C
    • Sound_A, where it should be Sound_1

    For now, the only way to avoid this issue is to get the indexes in Campaign B to be different from those in the exported module. In the example, we can avoid the issue by moving the indexes in campaign B to 4,5 and 6.

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