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    Update, up to 830+ pledges and several digital stretch goals (cos they deliver on time with good quality materials and don’t overpromise then be late, make it cheap or lose money undermining future products)

    They just put up a sale (I believe it is not yet complete, it will be nearly all items, excluding only recent products like Tegel’s Manor and Sea King’s Magic) - they have Swords & Wizardry, 5E and PF1 items on sale.

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    Cool news, something that seems obvious there would be a niche for this that just never occurred to me: vision impaired RPGers (especially since nearly the first year I played in ‘79 it was all theater of the mind)

    Oops, meant to link to the KS update - will try link from the Tweet:

    Original tweet:

    Frog God Games has partnered with the non-profit organization DOTS RPG Project @dotsrpg to make accessible, screen-reader friendly PDFs for the Swords & Wizardry Kickstarter.
    Read the full article here:…
    #AccessibilityInGaming #dnd #rpg #ttrpg #gaming

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    Near the end, if can get that ending BUMP, be nice to hit the newly added Stretch Goals they did as they passed 70K:

    Spread the word - unfortunately, I am only ever on this forum and even that is limited due to my lack of time-management ability

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    Is this just a fancy version of 1st edition?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevdog45 View Post
    Is this just a fancy version of 1st edition?
    Actually, it is more like a version of the Dungeons & Dragons Original Rules (commonly referred to as 0E)

    Except it isnít vanilla 0E or even the version that includes just all 4?5? Supplements. It is a snapshot of D&D from 1978 just before the release of 1E (it includes the supplements (missing gods and illusionist) & materials from Dragon articles and the like as well.) it has some small changes and optional house rules but pretty much it is a reorg of those original rules in a much easier/cleaner consistent format.

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