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    New Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set Kickstarter

    Check it out, the artwork is great and its a nice compCt modular format option.

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    Its broken through 6 stretch goals...
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    List of completed DLC products

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    Shipping will double my costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Shipping will double my costs.
    Yes, I asked in their Discord and was told it was very expensive to Canada. I'll just have to make due with my current PDF as it is.

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    will they add a FG ruleset as a stretch goal

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkwind View Post
    will they add a FG ruleset as a stretch goal
    you might ask the OP that question...

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    As much as I’d like to answer to the positive, I am doing this as a labor of (daunting) love. I could not promise them I would succeed much less give them assurance of meeting an Oct date (not that I was asked to.)

    I’d love to be able to do so and it is certainly a push, but it’s a mainly commute time and when I should be sleeping thing I do in my laptop. I’m back on it because finally bought light enough laptop to carry along with my work supplies MacBook. My old fat MacBook Pro is now to be permanently a desktop (via cables) alt Mac.

    I want to be hopeful but this sort of thing is far out of my comfort zone but I am trying and the community has been extremely helpful. Who knows.

    That said, anyone thinking of volunteering should not be thinking that hmmm not worth doing this one, someone is on it. If you can dedicate time to it, by all means! I’d love to be buying tons of S&W FGG modules. They are a great company and have been a long time supplier of FG stuff for 5e already.

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    PS they hit about 52K with over 700 pledgers already just a couple hours past 24.

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    Oh, stop complaining and finish the rule set already, Dan.

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    I’m break in’ mah back here carrying TWO laptops each day a 15 AND 16” to be able to work on it and he now breaks mah ...


    At least now I get at min 60-70 mins a day plus what can squeak out in evenings.

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