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    Just Started LFG

    Hello all I am Vincent aka. Toastsniffer, I am semi new to FG, I have been here a few weeks and I have been taking classes at the fantasy Grounds College. I am ready to spread my wings and try and find a party willing to take me in and have some fun teach me what the FGC couldn't. I am looking for a Friday or Saturday Game any time those two days are great. It can be as early as like 3am on Friday to as late as 12am or later sunday, I am just wanted a DnD game. I Been playing pf2 and want to play DnD on FG the whole reason I came to FG. If anyone is wanting a player and doesn't mind someone who has only been playing pf2 and wants to get me into DnD please send me a PM and we can see if I would be a good fit. I have discord, a mic, skype, I can get a paid version of FG at any time or any materials I may want/need if required. I am just holding out for FGU if I can. I love the community thus far and hope to get to be more involved moving forward.
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