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    If you want to delete sounds, you need to do it in your CSV file before you upload to the website for conversion. You wont really be able to delete them from the module. After downloading your CSV file you can open it in google sheets or excel, delete the rows for entries you dont want, then save the file back as a CSV file. use that new file to upload to the website. that will produce a sound module with only those sounds you want

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    Thanks for the quick response. And I understand what you’re telling me to do. But will doing that effect other campaigns I already have in Fantasy Grounds?

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    Yes. Changing the sound module will affect all Campaigns that use it

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    I just published v19 which adds a new Volume Control for Syrinscape Online. The buttons modify the Global Volume and the Global OneShot volume that you normally see in the Syrinscape Master Interface. This does not affect the volume of the local player, just the Global volume levels.

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    v21 pushed today that adds Soundboards. You can create as many soundboards as you like. Each soundboard has 18 slots for sounds. You can assign a sound to a slot by unlocking the soundboard and dragging the sound onto the spot. When you lock it, the sound will play when the corresponding button is pressed.

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