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    Is there any value in trimming the .csv to only sounds you might use?

    I am a SuperSyrin, and my CSV is 20+ MB in size, so I am pondering deleting all the Cthulhu and sci-fi stuff and rebuilding the links module for my D&D game.
    The only impact it would have is to slightly shorten the initial load time. It wouldn’t really affect performance once the table is loaded

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    v23 released.

    With the release of FG v4.20, I have pushed v23.

    4.20 introduced a new API call, Interface.openURL() which allows the code to make a web call and collect the response. For all Syrisncape Online users, I have converted all of the triggering functions to use this new superior method. The major benefit of this method is that it should now allow Mac/Linux users to function without requiring any 3rd party URI handler solutions. This new solution directly uses syrinscapes own web REST API to trigger the sound playback, so it should be more consistent and less prone to error. Any Mac/Linux users, if you get a chance please test the new version out with no URI handler installed to make sure it works. Everything seems like it should, but I dont have those systems to test on currently.

    At the request of one user, I have made the volume control buttons draggable and linkable. So you can drag a volume button down to a shortcut bar, or into a story entry. These have also been modified to use the new URL and only work for Syrinscape Online.

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