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    Data got deleted. Twice.

    I have been hosting fantasy grounds for months now. Many sessions with no issues. Earlier this month though my family and i got on and all of our data was deleted. Hot bars, Characters, everything i had added to the campaign as a DM, it was like we were starting fresh. So we bit the bullet and remade some stuff. Now we got on again today and all of the campaign data has been deleted yet again. Latest version is installed. I am not good with computers so is there a detailed step by step on how to restore a previous session?

    Thank you

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    If you go to your campaign folder (either through the "open data folder" button in the FG launcher, or by going to C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds\campaigns\yourcampaign directly), you should see a file called db.xml and a whole bunch of db.session.XXXXXXX.xml files (XXXXXXX being a bunch of numbers). If you have a db.xml, make a backup now just in case. If you don't, we've already found the problem.

    Next, rename the most recent db.session.XXXXXXX.xml file to db.xml (overwriting the one already there if necessary - you made a backup, right? ). This should hopefully bring back your campaign, minus perhaps the most recent changes to it.

    As for diagnosing the cause: are you using anything like Dropbox, OneDrive, Seafile, Syncthing etc. to synchronize the campaign folder?

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    I tried that just now and it didn't work. Unless there I did not make a backup correctly. (Entirely possible). I just had a file that said db.xml so i took that one and renamed it db.xml.original. Then I renamed the db.xml session I wanted to try and load from db.xmlxxxxxxx to just db.xml but all data is still erased from fantasy grounds.

    As for what i am using, i am not using anything extra. Just what ever fantasy grounds uses on its own.

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    Please post a screenshot of your campaign folder in Explorer Detail view - eg showing file sizes
    Also attach extensionstate.xml and the largest of the db.something.xml files

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    When looking for a db.session file to rename you are looking for the one that has the most recent date stamp or is the biggest in size. You may have to go back to an earlier one to get your stuff. Of course the earlier you go back then more data will be lost.

    It's interesting that you lost your hot keys since those are not stored in your db.xml file but rather the usersettings/hotekyes_host.xml file. You aren't by any chance using a cloud based back up linked to your FGData folder are you?
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    Are these different FG installations? Or is the issue happening on exactly the same computer every time?
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