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    Get "raw" unfiltered text from field?

    Is there any change that FGU will support text field data that is not filtered? I tested to see how it works since FGC has this issue as well. Currently it strips out things like tabs. Which really is a pain to deal with when you want to import something that is almost always separated by tabs.

    Currently when you do something like: local sText = importtext.getValue(); you get the text they pasted into the control minus things like tab.

    There are similar issues to getting things from the copy buffer in FGC (and I presume FGU but not tested yet).

    Could we maybe get a getValueRaw() or something?

    Being able to get raw text from a copy buffer would let us import tables much easier, specially if they are already importing html which uses a similar <Table></table>,<b></b>,etc that FG does.
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    There are no plans to change this in FGU. We have our hands full getting it to be fully backward compatible with the new features already slated.


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