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    [LFP] 2-3 players to join ongoing 5E Homebrew bi-weekly campaign (Sun)

    [LFP] 2-3 players to join ongoing 5E Homebrew bi-weekly campaign (Sun)
    FG License: DM has Ultimate license (players only need demo license)
    Game System: D&D 5E
    Time Zone: PST
    Day of week and time: Every other Sunday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3-3.5 hours, every week
    Term: Long-term
    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No
    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50 (or as determined by party play style)
    Number of Players needed: 2-3
    Character requirements:
    13th level, use standard array from PHB for starting ability scores
    NO Chaotic Evil alignment (other evil alignment on DM Approval)
    Non WOTC sourcebooks needs DM approval
    Expected Game Start: 1/26/2020

    Game Expectations:
    This is joining an existing party, starting a new campaign, we already have 3 players (one is minor). It's a homebrew world, but while I have my own ideas and background info, the players help define the world mythology/history as we play as well, so active players is the most fun. I am not a "rules" guy and honestly spend the least amount of time looking at the rules, so every player should have their own source material to look things up, as DM I make final call and will just move the game along and have the rule discussions after/between games. This doesn't mean I ignore rules, I'm just not a lawyer and don't draw lot of fun discussing their finer points..
    Ultimately it's a game and none of us are getting paid to play, so the most important thing is having fun with it.

    Player Preferences:*I am looking for experienced players as this is a level 13 party, but no age limits. I ask that everyone be respectful to each other, invest in role playing your character, become part of the group and actively participate in the game. It's a cooperative party, so if you enjoy backstabbing or player killing this isn't the game for you. Looking for a long term player, so please make sure that you can play long term and have a quiet place where you can participate in the game. All but one member of the party are over 35, with lots of DND years, but it's a pretty casual game.

    I have been running a long term DND game using fantasy grounds for many years with this group, but our numbers have dwindled at bit so looking to add new blood to the party.


    The Republic of Sanctuary has entered into the "Age of Magic"

    When ancient primordial gods awoke 1500 years ago and unleashed destruction across all the planes a legendary group of heroes, known today as the Seven, rallied the gods to defeat these primordial titans, but at a very great cost. The world and many godly planes were shattered during an event known as the Sundering. But before all was lost the gods were convinced to open portals all over the world rescuing thousand of refugees to a land dubbed Sanctuary, where they would be protected from the coming destruction. Led by the Seven, these survivors founded the Republic, which exists to this day.

    After the Sundering, the gods retreated back to their divine realms and magic seemingly disappeared from the world, so began the Age of Strife. For over a thousand years the Republic struggled to absorb the myriad of races, cultures and religions, with many rebellions and crusades before long lasting peace was achieved. The Age of Strife was followed with many centuries of peaceful coexistence.

    It is In the last century that magic and the gods have returned to the world, beginning the Age of Magic. Wizards claim to have unlocked secrets that allowed mortals to once again control the arcane energies that fuel reality, while clerics argue that it is through the grace of the divine that miracles have re-appeared in the world. Could returning gods bring back the divisions that the Republic fought so hard to overcome?

    Regardless of the reason the impact to society was significant, old family herlooms long held solely for their history, suddenly awoke with power, thrusting unknown families into the upper eschelons of society, while previous noble families with no magical artifacts of their own fell from prominence. As families (or individuals) seek to retain their place in society, or ascend in power and wealth, they search ancient ruins or look to long lost legends to find items of magic, ancient lore, or divine intervention to could bring them wealth or power. In response to this, there was, and continues to be, a lucrative career for those willing to delve into ancient ruins, or otherwise scour the lands to recover lost magic tomes and items that can be sold or traded for great wealth, but some things are best left forgotten...

    The Republic has laid down laws while leaning on sanctioned arcane schools and clerical orders to enforce a structure of controls to reign in this new resurgence of magic, both arcane and divine, and to defend against new threats as now even the lowly goblins have magic wielders..

    If you're interested:
    You are welcome to respond to the thread or in a PM. Please provide the following information as best you can :

    Your name:

    How much D&D or RPG experience you have was it as a player or DM?):
    I tend to rely on players to help with looking up rules and such during the game and keep each other honest while I focus on the gameflow details during the session as these typically come up during combat. We have rotated DM responsibilities at times so if that interests you let me know as well.

    FG experience: New, Experienced, etc..
    If you have experience, was it as a player or DM?

    Your time zone:

    Brief Character idea:*At a minimum class/race and tone of character. The more detail the better, but we can work on the details via discord channel

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