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    LFG 1 Player Any Night AEST (GMT+11) Prefer 5e

    I have found a game. Thank-you to everyone who posted. Feel free to add me and I will contact you if my current game falls through.

    FG License: Ultimate
    Time Zone: Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (GMT+11)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Prefer not between 9am-6pm weekdays. I would like to be in bed by 2am at the latest. I am okay getting up from 5am on wards. I would prefer to play weekly.
    Term: Looking for something long term
    Voice: Currently have Discord and Mumble. Willing to download any requested programs. As I currently have a wireless headset sessions longer than 4-5 hours will require me to purchase a wired one. I am happy to do this if required.

    Game System Preferred: I would prefer D&D 5e but I am open to other systems if the group is okay with having someone with no experience
    Game System Experience: I have a few 5e one shot adventures under my belt and that is about it.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: How familiar are you with Fantasy Grounds? I have no experience currently with FG but I have joined the FGC Discord so hopefully I can pick up the basics there

    Character Type Preferred: I have no preference currently. If I had to pick one I would lean towards a spell caster.

    About me: I am 25 from Australia. Late last year my friend ran some small adventures with some friends and we had a blast but unfortunately due to studies he is unable to keep doing them. Seeing this platform appear on Steam during the Christmas sale I thought i would look into finding another group. I'm not too experienced but I am keen to extend what I have learnt and excited to meet some interesting people and characters. I would prefer an equal split between combat/roleplay, although I would say I'm not particularly great at either!

    As a subcontractor my hours are fairly flexible so given enough notice (generally 2 weeks) I can play almost any time.

    You can post here or contact me on Discord @veryhungryperson#5066
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    I am part of a group that meets on Sunday evenings from 8 p.m. GMT+9 for two and a half hours. We normally play D&D, but about once every three years try something else. The group is going to take a break from 5E and play a Dungeon World campaign. We are starting in about three weeks. WE are all new to the DW game system. I am sure we will return to 5E after DW. It is simply a matter of the person willing to run the game picks the system. Anyways, we would love to have you join us. We are short on players right now.

    Kevin (from Japan)

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    Thanks for the post Kevin,

    I have had a look at some of the material for DW and it seems fairly intuitive. I won't be able to play this weekend regardless as I will have to shift my schedule around a little to accommodate a sleep in on Monday.

    I will honest and say I would prefer a 5E game so if someone else posts one of those between now and our first game I will likely go for that instead. You are however welcome to add me on Discord so you can let me know when you are playing 5e games again.

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    Dungeon World is a whole lot of fun.
    It is very D&D like in story and even easier to use in play.

    And spoofer is great and Im sure his group is fun too!

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    Thanks Damned! You are very generous with compliments. I understand your preference for 5E. I have been running a 5E game for this group for a long time and I need a bit of a break. But I am already thinking about what I want to run next, and it will be 5E for sure. I hope you find a 5E group. It is a great system. But if you should change your mind, give me shout. You will always be welcome.

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