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Thread: Goodbye

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    This is very sad news indeed. I half expected you saying you were removing your extensions because FG hired you directly.
    It seems the more online we get the more cruel people get. I am sorry that ONE person caused this, I hope that one day you will join the community again.
    All you have done has been so appreciated - and raised my game playing to a new hight. I wish I could give you a million dollars to reconsider, but alas, I can spend other people's money cause I don't have any LOL. (Though I loved purchasing your sounds packs every month)

    Thank you, and I wish we could do something to have you reconsider.

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    Well shoot Dulux-oz. I didn't know you, but I was really looking forward to using your highly recommended extensions in my first campaign using FG. Best of luck man. From what I saw online, you do good work!

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    Well, that’s a kick in the ole pants. I have no clue of the drama beyond what I’ve read here in this thread.

    I only came to this thread because someone mentioned your exit in a thread about my mod which I wrote specifically to play nice with one of yours, Dulox.

    I’m here now writing a response for this reason: you really inspired me. Everyone praises your sound extension, and it’s great and all, but your location extension has always been my favorite!

    Your tutorial videos showed me FG from the bottom up, helped me prep for my first-ever foray into being a GM, and made me wish to be a player in a campaign run by you BIGTIME (seriously, can I submit a resume or something? PM me I am 0% joking- I will totally make a character’s resume for the chance)

    Your posts here in the community carried weight, because you were always on point. You helped countless folks here run great games.

    But it’s not just here- I saw you out in other company’s forums, repping FG and spreading the news (Syrinscape peeps- amiright!?)

    Dude, this sucks. Step away, take a breather, and then come back to help us all?

    At the very least, give me a sweet locations extension again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ampersandrew View Post
    I'm going to have to politely disagree.

    You're also assuming that the moderator is acting against the rules.

    An account that's been quiet and suddenly posts doesn't need moderator privileges. Unless something else happened that we haven't been told about, I can't see how revoking moderator privileges helps at all. Even if it happened that's not an abuse of moderator power.

    Yes, yes it is. Although possibly not in the way you think. It's certainly affected my opinion of the company. I was impressed with the company's relations with the public. Now less so.

    I can't see any way forward to a good outcome from this "incident" as JohnD said "lose-lose-lose".

    Look at the end of the day it's up to the company to interact with the community in a way that they see fit. Moderator is as far as I know an unpaid volunteer position, but they will be seen as representing the company. Still, I don't find the guilty 'til proved innocent assumption palatable, but obviously others disagree.

    I've probably said more than enough about this. I'm not directly involved.
    Hmmm... Well, it can't be as bad as the debacle over at Roll20, right??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phithis View Post
    Hmmm... Well, it can't be as bad as the debacle over at Roll20, right??
    WHats that? Did they decide to change the name to Roll30?
    "The small town of Swampspittle is a charming reminder of how Faerun use to be.Plague victims crawl eloquently down it's dung filled streets; greasing the way with puss from thier buboes.While at least two children a week are burnt at the stake as changelings in the handsome market square. The town boasts two taverns, one humourous dwarf and a shop that sells little things made of straw."

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    So that's just great... I'm away for 2-1/2 years, and right before my gaming group decides it's time to return to our Pathfinder game (which I am running in Fantasy Grounds), two of the most valuable people in this community (Dulux-Oz and Ken L) have said 'sayonara'... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuKygW4PErU

    Well... Sayonara, I guess. That's a drag. Thanks (!) for all the good stuff (code and advice).

    - s.west

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    I didn't know you in person. But MAN I respected your work. How amazing it was to put together databases of cosmologies! And your work with the sound extension was the bee's knee's. I hate what happened to you...

    I love your work. It's just beautiful. Thank you X10^billionth.
    Melvin T. Sludgepump Esq.

    -==≡≡≡ Ultimate License Holder ≡≡≡==-
    -==≡≡≡ D&D 3.5e, 4e, 5e ≡≡≡==-
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    I just saw this, and it made my heart sad. I can honestly say that the whole reason that I bought FG was due to Delux-Oz's extensions. Yes,
    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    the issue is that public relations damage from the incident is a real issue
    , the relations that have been damaged is the relationship of FG with its loyal constituents and not with the public at large. There has after reading both sides, as posted in this thread, the one thing that has become obvious is that FG is more concerned with CYA than actually taking a stand to protect those who have helped to build and support their product. It is through the efforts of people like Delux-Oz that your product really shines. Now we see the shine has been tarnished and twice as much work will need to be done to hopefully bring back the shine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitchhiker View Post
    the one thing that has become obvious is that FG is more concerned with CYA than actually taking a stand to protect those who have helped to build and support their product.
    I must say I very much disagree with this assessment of the situation. SW didn't ban Dulux-oz, he chose to leave. From what I gather, they removed his moderator status after he interacted with a community member in a way they deemed inappropriate. I think they are right to carefully control who speaks for them in any official capacity. IMHO that is the correct amount of "CYA".

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    Well that is bad. You are going to be missed. I have used your DOE for all my adventures.

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