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Thread: Goodbye

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    Good fortune to you. You have a lot of friends and fans here that will likely miss your presence. I hope you will reconsider after time.

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    Dear "dulux-oz", when I start to be part of FG community (it was 2013) you were here. Since then think I was read all your 4000 posts and 14 great Blogs which you posted here on forum. Simply because I was here day by day learning how this great VTT enviroment works, what possible is and what isn't. Where are my modules and how to activate them, what are extensions, how works game mechanics, etc... . Your posts was always possitive and helpfull. With your "Just A Little Personal Notice" you brings into our small virtual world and my heart humanic dimensions of real world. This demonstrate and definitely differentiate level of members quality of this community.
    Our posts are often ambiguous, so no boring with it.

    Last year (2019) I feel here on FG forums arise of strange unspecified pressure from members.
    Especially new which don't know how long takes get software FGC into todays version.
    Some of them want to have everything NOW 'n' READY! They expect same quality as older version has.
    But it isn't possible in this phase in which we actually are.
    Under what pressure must work developes? I really couldn't imagine. But I'm their fan.
    What I know they surely need is time, constructive ideas, patient members ... and skilled experienced veterans without which this
    community could changed into "cold 'n' icy place without human feelings".
    Where new players uselessly looking for their answers.

    But, .... maybe we don't need you to be here as unmistakable person, because we aren't too.
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    Yeah this is a great loss.

    All because of a psychotic loon that most likely showed up here to cause trouble from the get-go. In case there's any confusion, I'm definitely NOT talking about Delux.

    Smiteworks and a lot of the community here spends WAY too much time and effort bending over backwards to accommodate the dregs of society. The individual in question has/had no grasp of ANY reality (not even the reality he conjured up in his head!), and should have been identified from the start.

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    Sad news indeed Bonne Chance.
    "Time is an illusion...lunch time doubly so."

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    I have had little to no interaction with you Delux, but I've read a number of your posts as well a number of the extensions you have provided us. I am truly sorry to hear about this and I hope that in time you return. You are a true asset to the community. Thank you.
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    Awww man this sucks. I don't know what happened but I'm really sorry to hear this. Dulux, it was your videos for FGC that got me started learning how to run/play FG and your sound extension is my all time favorite extension. I'm really sorry to hear this and wish you all the best. I hope at some point bridges will be mended as you are a tremendous boon to this community...It is a bummer of a day for sure.

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    Oh ****, *%##%#, I'm sorry about that escalated so much, didn't know it happend more stuff behind the curtains.

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    I have no idea what happened, but this is terrible news.

    Dulux as far as I know in my own interactions with you and what I've read, you have been nothing but supportive and helpful and a motivator to invest into the community.

    Your contributions to FG in the form of extensions speak for themselves in their popularity. I know how much time, effort and passion have to go into each one to keep them going and make them a reality.

    I hope whatever took place will get mended over time and we'll see your return to the community. If you do, no need to take on a moderator mantle, perhaps you could sit back more and focus on what gives you enjoyment first and foremost instead.

    Whatever the outcome, I wish you all the best, and the lack of your presence on these forums and in the community will be felt.
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    This is sad news indeed. I have not had too much interaction with you Dulux-Oz, but you have been courteous when I have worked with you and your extensions have been very useful. I have seen you countless times engaging with and helping out the community, so it is unfortunate that that avenue has been lost. With you recent health scare, I hope you are well on your way to being healthier and I hope you can take a break and find what you need at this set of crossroads of life.

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