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    Unable to Connect to Host

    I Installed The Unity Playtest client. Entered my Login and Ultimate license key and updated. I am able to Host Just fine but when my players try to connect to the Host ( Does not matter if I select Cloud or Local ) they get the Error "Unable to connect to host - The Host and Player clients are running incompatible program versions. Update and try again." I have had two of my players try and connect with the same message. They installed the same FBU installer I did V4.0.0
    Both Host and Clients have updated and report version v4.0.0

    Edit: I have also tried connecting to my Game via a remote controlled PC on a separate network and get the same error. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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    Even though they report the same version, we are internally incrementing the version information as we move through beta. Everyone will need to click the Check for Updates button and make sure they have the latest version.


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    "Both Host and Clients have updated and report version v4.0.0"

    As i said, Both the clients and My Host have hit the update button several times. Both are fully updated.

    Edit: I just tried again after again updating both host and client and getting same error.

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    Are some users on Mac, and some on PC? Sometimes the builds are slightly offset from each other during the beta period. We try to keep them in synch, but we're working as fast as we can to get things updated.

    Alternately, perhaps the FantasyGrounds.exe file is not getting updated for some reason? You can try opening the folder where FGU is installed, delete FantasyGrounds.exe; then run FantasyGroundsUpdater.exe to force a download. (Or do uninstall/reinstall)


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    All on PC , Will Try Deleting the FantasyGrounds.exe and report back.

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