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View Poll Results: historically, vtt games i've played for a longer period of time have generally been

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  • too much rp'ing (more than 70%)

    2 6.25%
  • too much hack-and-slash (more than 70%)

    6 18.75%
  • just balanced right, 50/50

    8 25.00%
  • exactly what i expected (whatever ratio)

    16 50.00%
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    gaming style that you've experienced

    quick poll to see the kinds of game style you've participated, strictly as a player.

    this is specific to experiences with pre-written material (adventure paths, modules, etc), not homebrew campaigns.

    think not so much what you wish a game could be and how it would be ideal for you.

    but rather historically what kind of style you ended up with that you had gone along, going through the motions but not necessarily what you had hoped for, and continued with it anyway; or played because it fit your schedule, or to pass your time, or to fill that itch for vtt-gaming.

    in other words, for example: you were hoping to 70% rp'ing but through the life of the campaign, you did 20% rp'ing and the rest hack-and-slash / murderhobo. or vice versa: you were promised or expected chock full of encounters, but ended up doing exploring / investigating / rp'ing lots of intertwined story arcs. or maybe you had lots of fulfilling campaigns where it was just the right mix for you.

    also, share your thoughts on how much rp'ing you did (think percentage per session), either closely guided by written material, or more flexible through porous boundaries of pre-scripted contents encouraged by the gm.

    there is no right answer, of course, and i'm not sure what feedback i'd expect, but i am excited (more from a gm mindset) to hear what you have to say.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    those who voted "exactly what i expected (whatever ratio)" -- would anyone care to share your experience in brief?
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Since I started playing online due to moving abroad the experience has been only good. I voted for "whatever ratio" because I have been playing a lot of different games with different pace, where you can't have combat only, or RP only. Call of Cthulhu can be without combat for sessions while other games are combat intensive.
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    it's great many found their experience to be "as expected."
    roll dice. it builds character.

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