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    Just got this, thanks! Working in MoreCore. This is a good use of $--offload lots of link management to a paid mod such as this.

    As we find corrections, how shall we report them? I'll send you a PM for something I spotted.

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    The best place for any bugs or corrections would be on the new thread I created for this here

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    Well I've looked as Syrinscape because of all the bells and whistles connecting them to Lone Wolf, Paizo and WOC.... while certally eye appealing, I just can't see paying a monthly fee for it. Several years ago I started using Scene Sound. and while not so eye dazzling visually it does a decent job of looping and playing sound files back even in multiple layers. And bes of all its OGL community driven so the cost is whatever you want to donate, and or pay for the mp3 files etc you gather... Now I had no problem using it stand alone at the tabletop or attaching it to Battlegrounds or D20Pro.. haven't tried crossing the bridge with it to FG yet but guess I will give it a go before dolling out monthly dollars on a perk.
    Just my two Coppers

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