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    Deadlands on Thursdays from 7pm - 10pm UK (2pm - 5pm EST)

    Please come join our fun adventures across the weird west.

    We need two more players for this game, a Huckster and a Shaman.

    Deadlands is a fantasy game set during an alternative history, it is a cowboy v monsters style of game and is a lot of fun.

    FG License: We have Ultimate License.

    Game System: Savage Worlds - DEADLANDS (Pinnacle Entertainment)

    Time Zone: GMT (7pm to 10pm GMT - 2pm to 5pm EST)

    Day of the week: Thursday

    Duration: 3 Hours

    Frequency: Fortnightly

    Voice: Discord

    Players Needed: 2

    Respond here or send me a PM.

    Our group has been running playing various games for several years.
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    isen't deadlands savage worlds game system, not "deadlands" game system? or is this something separate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vhok View Post
    isen't deadlands savage worlds game system, not "deadlands" game system? or is this something separate?
    Yes it is a Savage Worlds game, I have altered the post to reflect that.

    Thank you for pointing that out to me.


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    We now have another player for our Deadlands game.

    We still need one more player.

    OK, we are stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by werewolves.

    But we now have extra help and a truck load of silver bullets...

    Come join the fun.

    One more player needed. Thursday 7pm GMT / 2pm EST
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    The GM for this game now has an Ultimate License - Players only need Demo.

    We are looking for one more person to join our group.

    Thursdays 7pm UK - 2pm EST

    Savage Worlds Deadlands

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    Steve, are you still looking for a player? If so I would be interested in playing but I may have to miss the odd session due to work, would that be an issue?

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    Hey Marvin

    I have sent you a private message.

    Missing sessions by being at work will not be an issue.

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    The Deadlands game now has the required amount of players

    Thank you for your replies and messages

    Please continue to enjoy your games on Fantasy Grounds.

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