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    LFG Pathfinder Experienced Gm

    I am an Experienced Gm and player in Pathfinder (first edition), and I am looking to try and play again as my local group fell apart(some years ago, still in withdrawal). I only just discovered FG and am looking to try it before I purchase it if i can.
    If there is a group that can even let me join for just one real session to try it out that would be appreciated.
    I am Mountain time zone.
    looking for weekly or bi-weekly preferred.
    Very flexible on days and times.

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    Are you looking to join as a player or potential GM? That distinction is important

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    Let me know if you find a gm somewhere near you. Im in PST and not having much luck.

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    We are about to start a FG familiarization game (using FGC which is a free download so long as the GM has the unlimited client which I do) before we continue our regular Rise of the RuneLords game. You are welcome to create a character and take it for a spin since that is what the game is going to be about. Some will be on tomorrow around 1pm PST finishing characters... Server will be up around noon (PST).

    Please message me here if you are interested...
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    I am more looking to be a player, but maybe GM-ing as well. More curious about how well it might work. If it's simple enough I could probably GM and play a background character that doesn't make decisions, but helps, like a healer or something...

    Sorry for the delay in response, I got heat stroke and took a couple days easy to recover.

    Grey Mage I would be interested in joining/sticking around if it's still an option.

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