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    Looking for 3 players for PF2e Monday nights

    Name : Tower Defense

    Current Players : 2 of 5 slots (main campaign only)

    When : 4-8pm CST Mondays

    How : System Pathfinder 2e with special rules for large scale combat

    Where : Discord and Fantasy Grounds (players only need demo)

    What : 6th level characters, and a small to moderate unit of troops under their command

    Why : The players will each represent a faction of some sort, be it a kingdom/guild/family/gang/or whatever. They are responding to a call for military aid to a hidden mining village far to the north near the icewall.

    Whatfor : The players seek the riches the mine and the miners can provide, which includes magical firearms and very special ammunition as well as the standard precious metals and gemstones.

    About the GM : I don't have alot of experience with Pathfinder 2e (just played it a couple of times) so we can learn it together. But I do have many years experience in running games. I am very familiar with FG and am willing to help people new to the vtt

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    Only looking for one more player

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