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    Multiple Books

    Unsure if this is the correct area for it really but best i could really find.

    In FG, we have a load of books that our DM is hosting for us to make our characters and we wanted to see if there was a way to fix a QoL issue we're having. When we open the Spells, or Class window. It shows a copy of the class for each book that the class or spell or whatever it might be is in. For instance a handful of copies of things like Spiritual Weapon etc. is there a way to hide these extra copies off the spells page but still retain all of the new book specific ones?

    For instance I know we can set Group to whatever book we want the spells from. But that will hide new spells that come from other books and I just want to hide the copies and leave 1 of each spell in there.

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    Either unload the books you don't want (Library > Modules), or in the spell list filter for the book that you want to see the spells for.

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    If you are seeing multiple copies of spells then it sounds like your DM is sharing unnecessary books with you. Spells only appear in the PHB, the SRDData and the various Basic Rules books. You only need the PHB so ask your DM to unshare the SRDData, and any basic rules modules. None of these other modules add anything that you will need. For other things like classes you will see multiples if you have the PHB, Xanathar's and Sword Coast Adventures Guide but you do need those since they contain all of the archetypes. Same applies to Races, these contain various sub race options.
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