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    There's no need to apologize. Your health is more important and it's great to hear you're recovering. It sounds like a scary and stressful situation and we're all cheering for you.
    Couldn't have said it better myself! Get well Johniba!

    I didn't know about the console skip command. Great!

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    So, FWIW, I can edit new Items, but existing Items (both in the sidebar and in character sheets) can't be edited - as in, there's no edit button, double-clicking everything does nothing, and the radial menu doesn't have it as an option.

    However, newly-created Items don't have the little padlock, so they always display as if they're in "Edit" mode.

    This is steadily becoming more of a problem as characters use/acquire gear.

    No rush, just updating.

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    So, FWIW, I can edit new Items, but existing Items (both in the sidebar and in character sheets) can't be edited - as in, there's no edit button, double-clicking everything does nothing, and the radial menu doesn't have it as an option.
    I have encountered this as well.

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    Hi all
    Sorry for the delay on the fixes, there are a few more than I thought, but they are coming soon.

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    Version 2024-03-27

    Unless mentioned, the fix or improvement is for both Genesys and Star Wars.

    - Fixed issues in several windows missing icons. (those are icons to lock/unlock records, etca)
    - Fixed error message in Combat Tracker when player joined a GM session and opened the tracker window.

    Known Issue:
    1) Some windows like the ones for item records, skills already have the new icons from the latest Fantasy Grounds updates, but others still have the old icons.
    I will update those later, but the important thing is that they are all working at the moment... no more missing icons not allowing players/gm to unlock records.

    2) If you use the Star Wars theme extension (provided in our google drive): I did not update it yet.]
    If you have any errors or missing icons, for now please disable this extension. I will fix it soon and let everyone know in the forum thread later when available.

    How to download the new version:

    You can subscribe to both rulesets in FG Forge. This will ensure that they are automatically downloaded whenever I upload a new version.
    (P.S.: everytime I upload a new version here in the forums, it may take a few hours for it to show up in Forge, as it requires Moderators to approve)
    (P.S.: If you have already done this before, you only need to click "Check for Updates" in FG Unity, and the download will start)

    To subscribe and download the rulesets, follow the links:
    Star Wars:
    (Remember, if you want to use the Star Wars ruleset, make sure to subscribe/download BOTH)

    Attention FG Classic users
    This update is NOT compatible with FG Classic
    I can no longer maintain the code in a way that it works with the old client, I am sorry
    You can use an older version of the rulesets, downloading from the google drive link below

    Modules and other extensions need to be downloaded from the above link below

    Subscribe/Download the Genesys ruleset even if you are playing Star Wars

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    Hey everyone, as per my previous reply I think i fixed at least the error popups and also the missing lock/unlock icons
    If you have any errors let me know ok?

    I will still update more stuff to make sure we are all up to date later

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    First, John, I hope you're recovery is going well. You mentioned a while back that your sight problems might be temporary and I hope that's still true. My players and I haven't encountered any errors or systemic problems. We've had one full session and one short Downtime session since your fixes went live and everything appears to be working as intended.

    Second, I could use advice from whomever has some user insight. Currently, when you add a character to a map it automatically adds them to the Combat Tracker. If you remove them from either the Combat Tracker or the map, then they're also removed from the other. This would be fine if there's only one map being used for a session, but in some cases, I have two (or in the case of this weekend, three) maps in a session. If I want to set up NPCs and block out sightlines on various maps ahead of time, then all of the NPCs (i.e., all NPCs from all maps) show up on the Combat Tracker. Since they're removed from their respective map if they're removed from the Combat Tracker, prepping more than one map is a mess. Right now, all I can think to do is have all the NPCs prepared in an Encounter, load them into the Combat Tracker from that, and individually drag them onto the new map from the Combat Tracker when it's time to switch. That's a lot of work to try to do in the middle of a session and it's been kind of a pain in the ***, lol. Please tell me I'm just unaware of a better method. I can't possibly be the only person who sometimes prepares multiple maps in a session, right? I've tried using the Quick Map feature in the Encounters, but that appears to just make a copy as an entirely new image record without any of the masking and whatnot. And that still just drops all the NPC tokens onto the map - I still have to put them all in the appropriate location one by one, so on a practical level it's really no different than my other method. I'd be thrilled to learn I've just been ignorant to some piece of functionality that addresses this. I tried to make this description as concise as possible, but I can elaborate more if anything is unclear. Thanks in advance.

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    Encounters are your friend.

    Create an encounter.
    Add all the baddies you want into that encounter.
    Drag and drop each baddie to where you want them on your map.
    Close the encounter and all the NPCs are removed from the map (and thusly the CT) until you are ready to use them.

    When you're ready to rock, open the encounter and click the arrow icon (as default, a theme could change this) at the bottom of the encounter and all your baddies are placed on the map right where you wanted them as well as being added to the CT.

    More on Encounters can be found on the Wiki.

    EDIT: I missed that you were using Encounters, but I think you may have been missing the pre-placement step in your prep.
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    I'm so bassic

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    Quote Originally Posted by wndrngdru View Post
    Encounters are your friend.
    YES! Omg this is exactly what I hoped it could do. It felt like I was just missing something. Thank you so much.

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    I think I spoke too soon about everything working.

    Dice codes don't appear to be producing the symbols in most records. If they already had symbols, they're still there, but when you try to add new codes, they just display the text (e.g., (A) instead of the Advantage symbol, [D] instead of the Despair symbol, etc.). It seems to work correctly in Notes and Story, but it's happening everywhere else I've tried.

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