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    Quote Originally Posted by sevrick View Post
    Hey Johniba I was just wondering if you were able to figure out how you would adress the attachment issue. I only ask because I am holding off adding descriptions to attachments until it's worked out.
    Sorry, not yet. I am waiting for the big update on FG, to check what will go live from the export util.

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    Updated Libraries

    Edge of the Empire Libraries
    • Added Armored Drop Suit and Rocket Boots vehicle stats from No disintegrations.

    Age of Rebellion
    • Added Monokinfe included in the Concealed Escape Kit from Cyphers and Masks.
    • Added Explosive Belt Charge stats from Cyphers and Masks.
    • Adjusted the Military Modular Backpack Frame to have 2 HP and changed modules for it from being items to being attachments.
    • Added several items for gear items that act as weapons as well.
    • Added "Breaker" Heavy Hydrospanner item from Fully Operational.

    Force and Destiny
    • Added Unlimited Power source book to the libraries.
    • Changed Field Ration Pack rarity from -5 to 0.
    • Made Spacesuit item 1 word instead of Space suit.
    • Fixed typo in the name of AL-DR8 Grav-Binders from Keeping the Peace.

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    @johniba how is updating for the update coming along?

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    Pardon my ignorance. I've been using Classic for my SW game for like two years and I'm poking at Unity for the first time.

    The first thing I tried was creating a Character (a PC, not an NPC) and it won't let me enter a name. The field doesn't do anything on a single- or double-click, and right-clicking just brings up the option to Close, Export, or Minimize. Can the GM not enter character names in this new version, or am I doing something wrong?

    UPDATE: Nevermind. The text field is under the label.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xarax View Post
    @johniba how is updating for the update coming along?
    I have been running tests everytime FG updates the TEST version, and I have fixed some issues and incompatibilities.

    So far I can say we are ready to go, so as soon as they release it LIVE, I will release the new version of the rulesets...

    Also, I dont think anyone will have to worry on updating databases, they should all work as soon as it updates

    The only thing is that I am holding off on adding features to the ruleset in this next release, as I wanted to focus on any possible defects that the live version could add, but as soon as we release this, I will resume working on them, and adding talent trees and party vehicle/vehicle sharing

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