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    Not sure how to code this?

    So I'm not sure this exists but I thought I'd ask. Is there a way to make a spell heal for the damage done? Like a quick 8d8 roll heal and damage. For one roll though? Right now I just have them as two separate binding spells but I thought this could make my life a little easier.

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    Hi Vinx, welcome to FG.

    Not automatically. But if you right click over the damage in chat then select negative you can drag that to the recipient of the heal. You can also drag the damage from chat whilst holding the CTRL key and drop it on the target to heal.
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    lol Thanks. I've got 2,156 hours in FG but this is the first time I've needed to ask a question lol most of the stuff I've figured out through trial and error. I'll give this a try

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