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    Need Two Players for Lost Mines then Curse of Strahd - Thursdays 7pm

    My long running Thursday night game has lost people to real life issues, motherboard shorting out, and military deployment. Seeking to replace a few empty spaces.
    Have a core group of players thats been with me for 18 months, playing some classic modules, and current 5e modules, looking for others that would like to play for a good while.

    GAME TIME - Thursday Nights 7pm - 10 pm CST
    Adventure Modules to be played- Lost Mins of Phandelver Starter set, then moving to Curse of Strahd at the end.

    Using the 3 core rulebooks and Volos Guide for player creation.
    Using Standard array for ability scores

    Discord Chat for almost all game communication

    Roleplay to Combat will be roughly 50/50, with combat being on the more deadly side. Going for a more gritty, bloody combat style.

    We are two sessions into Lost Mines of Phandelver, everyone just made it to the town and is doing some shopping. Nothing important has happened yet in the story.
    If you are interested, reply here or message me in private.
    I need at minimum two people, would prefer to get 3 or 4 to join.

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    I am interested in your game. I work every other Friday pretty early, but your games don't go too late. I know Fantasy Grounds very well, and am a DnD fan going back to the late 70's. I have played on and off over the years, and have DM'd a family game for the last three years. I am familiar with the early parts of Phandelver, so have an idea of where you have been, but not too far into the game, but can refrain from metagaming. I am likewise familiar with some parts of Strahd, but I don't think it would be an issue. I have several already rolled characters or would be fine starting from scratch. I tend to like to play Druids and Rangers, but pretty open to something new, depending on what the party needs.

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    Good evening I am very interested joining your group. I unfortunately have never played before but am immersing myself in the rules. My wife would also be able to join as well. We are always off on Thursdays the evening time is great for us. She has played before but it had been a little bit. Let me know if you would want a newbie and an older previous player. Thanks.

    I have 3 characters I'm debating about play to help the group a Half Elf Rogue, a Aasimar Paladin, and Dragonborn Warlock

    My wife has a Drow Ranger and is working on another one if you do not allow Drow.
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    thanks to yall for the private messages, and replies. i have sent out invites for the party. i expect us to have a larger party than i thought at first, but that helps out with fielding a full party if someone has to work late or kids get sick and they cant make it.

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    im interested and new to playing online. im willing to learn if you have the time and patients to explain and teach me. The game time fits my schedule perfect and I have discord and all that just need to get in and get playing somewhere to learn it all.

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    Good evening!

    I have some new experience as a DM for my tabletop group so I am (mostly) familiar with D&D 5E. I haven't ever been a player so I'm excited to get started.

    I have fiddled with FG in the past but haven't played in a session extensively. I can acclimate to new software quickly enough.

    If you still need someone, Thursdays for me are golden.

    Hope to hear from you!

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    I would be very interested in joining a established group. I have been playing DnD on and off since the late 1970's, I have played a in few games that using FG and have a full version subscription to FG. As also as the games don't run past 1 am as I work Fridays I would love to join as I am looking for a long term game.

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    I'm interested if you have any spots left I have been playing d&d 2e and 5e for about 5 months now and familiar with FG.

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    Hey, I'd be interested in joining if you still have slots available!

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    Hello! I’m interested in your game if you have anymore space available! I DM weekly on FG, but rarely get the chance to play. I’m interested in playing Cleric if that is helpful. Thanks!

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