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    LFP (1 or 2 starting at 7th level) 5E Undermountain Long-term Sundays 7pm EDT

    FG License: Ultimate (FG free demo is all that is needed)
    Game System: 5e D&D

    Time Zone: EDT
    Day of week and time: Sundays 7pm-(10-11pm) EDT
    Planned start date: Immediately
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3-4 hr session weekly
    Term: Long-term (All the way to the end of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage, possible epilogue planned as well depending on how the story goes)

    Text or Voice: Both, plan to use discord server for optional in-between session roleplay
    Voice software used: Discord

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Varies with players
    Number of Players in game & needed: 6 max, 1 or 2 more needed
    Character starting level & equipment: 7th level
    Character restrictions: None (I have all official modules, you can use any combination to play who you want)

    Details of your scenario: I have created a sort of homebrew-module hybrid where the main villian of the story is the Cult of Vecna rather than the Mad Mage (Although the mad mage certainly plays his part). The players are currently about to enter the Saurgauth level on level 3 of Undermountain so there is still 21 levels more to explore. In this version of Undermountain, Waterdeep scholars know very little about the mysterious dungeon past the 3rd level and so there is a larger air of mystery. The players have discovered that the Cult of Vecna is very deep in the dungeon and appear to be working their way deeper for some unknown purpose. They may be looking for artifacts of Vecna or they may be looking for other magical items in Halasters deepest vaults. The party's goal is to discover and disrupt their plans while they work to confront them in the depths of Undermountain (In addition to individual character's goals).
    I like to play games with characters who have a lot of depth, so please be willing to write a nice backstory for your character. The more detail you include, the more I can work into the story. Also, please only apply if you can respect other player's interpretations of their own characters (I used to think this went without saying, but no longer). Character builds aren't as important as creating great character stories, which is what we all want. Since you'll be starting in the midst of Undermountain, you have a more limited set of endings for your backstory which we can work out. Essentially I'll just need to introduce you to the party with a clear reason for you being in such a hostile place and a good reason to ally with the party to go deeper.
    My ideal players are not necessarily power gamers but can learn how to play their class effectively so that I can plan appropriate challenges. I use some added/modified rules that players might not be used to, so rules-lawyers may not be a good fit if strict adherence to the original rules is important. I don't ever fudge the dice-rolls, but I do like to use the dice tower in order to keep the player's meta-knowledge under control. For instance, the player may think they made a good argument but their deception skill check was a natural 1. I like to play this out without the player knowing they failed immediately; they'll find out through the actions of the NPC. For encounters, I like to make significant additions to the module to make things more interesting, keep players on their toes, and maximize fun. I like to give players a ton of tools to get themselves through a situation and see what they come up with. Every once in awhile this will make combat a little stressful in a good way, but hopefully more rewarding once the players make it through.

    Regarding language: I'm no sailor, but I am known to use bad language every once in a while. If you know you're sensitive to this then you should probably not sign up. That being said, I have no tolerance for any language that can be considered sexist, racist, or LGBT phobic.

    If this sounds like a good game for you then send me a PM soon. Let me know what kind of character you'd like to play (race / class / background / alignment). I will send out invites sometime this week.

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    very interested, PM'd you

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    I am definitely interested. PM'd!

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    It's been awhile since this was posted, but we have a new opening in our group if anyone is interested. Only difference is we're at level 8 now and they've nearly completed all of level 3. PM me if you're interested.

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