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    Welcome TheBoo please post details of your issue. More details generally = faster resolution.
    Thanks for the response, I actually managed to sort it out my self - was a self created issue.

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    Wow awesome stuff. Im just getting into Fantasy grounds again after some years away. I am creating my own world as well as playing 5E, but im checking out different ways how to do stuff inside fantasy grounds.
    I have been trying to find out how to make a module. Then I came across this. I have no experience in coding, but im trying to learn as I go.

    I am trying to find out how to make a module like the players handbook and GM here in this module.
    The referance Manual inside here, can I please ask how to make that? Where do you type this is? Is it in Story mode or?
    Would be very greatful for help here.

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    I found out

    Think I got it. Found out it was the author extension that could do this

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