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    [Pathfinder Bug] Lag/FPS issues on Action Tab

    I tried searching the forms and did not see anything like this posted, but my search game may not be top notch this morning. While testing out both the player and GM fantasy grounds, both my players and I have noticed a significant increase in lag / drop in fps on the actions tab while using the pathfinder rule set. Doing some testing it seems the more items you have on the actions tabs the worse the lag is. For example the Gunslinger and monk who have very little items on the action tab tend to not notice any drops in fps or lag, however the cleric who has tons of spells of various levels and the wizard (in the same boat) noticed significant lag which was making it almost unusable/playable. When I would open their character sheets and navigate to the actions tab I do had the lag / drop in fps.

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    We have some known issues we're already tracking where complex sheets (of which the PFRPG actions tab is one of the most complex) are not performing well yet. We'll be looking at this before launch.


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