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    Silly Question re: Lankmar and Lost Parsec

    Do both of these Campaign Settings and their adventures, sourcebooks and such work with SWADE?

    I'm 99.9% sure it's yes. But it's like when I wonder if I closed the garage even though I know I did: I gotta go back and check.

    (which is why I put a camera inside the garage. sigh.)

    Reason why I ask is that I want to start a One-shot Wednesday game after I get back from my cruise in February and I kinda wanna run these two settings.
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    All Savage Worlds DLC will load into both SWD and SWADE rulesets. Very occasionally you might run into the issue of something from SWD being linked (say on an item sheet, or Edge or whatever) which no longer exists in SWADE but otherwise we've made sure everything works.

    Lankhmar, however, I built two separate versions of it to match the official conversion PDF that Pinnacle released. So, one purchase and you will only see the correct one for the ruleset you're using and it's ready to go. Once I get the rest of the supplements underway, I will probably only release the SWADE versions of those since that's the way forward and everyone loves to play the New Shiny™.

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    Thanks! Great to hear.

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