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    Reliable talent extension.

    Here's my 1st draft at an extension to take care of the rogue 'reliable talent' feature.
    I'm sure it's amazingly rough and ready, but I've not done any coding for around 25 years, and this is also my 1st look at Lua.
    It seems to function ok from my own testing, but any feedback would be welcome.

    Cheers, Steve.

    New version of extension attached, see post #5 for info.
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    Looks good, hopefully this will stop the endless "floor of ten on that roll!" from the rogues

    Is there any way to include the original roll in the message text so you can see how bad it would have been?, e.g. Reliable Talent [DROPPED 1]

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    Nice extension!

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    Thanks for taking a look
    Not a bad shout Eldor, leave it with me, I have a couple of other things to add also.

    Cheers, Steve.

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    I've update the extension with the improvements mentioned by Eldor.
    Also, as my GM is evil, I've added in the ability to flag natural 1's and 20's on a skill roll as critical fails/successes. This can be turned on/off with a button in the FG settings menu.
    New extension and pictures are in the original post.
    As ever, any suggestions/criticisms are welcome.

    Cheers, Steve.

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    Thanks for the update, very noice indeed.
    You're an absolute legend

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