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    Interface Zero for Starfinder Conversion?

    I am wondering if any of you swell developers out there had any interest in converting Interface Zero for Starfinder into FG? There is also a module called Zero Interface Extraction with Extreme Prejudice available as well. I know it has been a few years since Interface Zero has come out but I think if there was a conversion there would be some interest on the Store!

    Just curious if any had interest in this version of Starfinder.

    Thank you!

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    I think it would be an amazing piece of work and look forward to someone putting this into FG.

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    While the old adage "never say never" always applies, I'll bring up two things:

    1) The developer who did Interface Zero for Savage Worlds has repeatedly stated that was the "worst" project he's ever worked on, in terms of the amount of effort it took to pull it off with all the custom data types and Lua scripting.
    2) Interface Zero 3.0 recently Kickstarted. I think the Player's Guide released last month or something? So even the studio has moved on to the next 'edition' of Interface Zero. Not sure if they plan on doing a Starfinder edition again? For 2.0 I seem to recall Pathfinder and Fate Core editions in addition to the main Savage Worlds project, then this Starfinder edition.

    The handful of IZ2.0 adventures in the store were done by me, specifically because the developer did not want to touch anything IZ-related. Of course, we guilted him into agreeing to work on IZ3.0 for Savage Worlds so expect that at some point. Any other editions will just depend on whether one of us are willing to tackle a project of this size or not, especially if it will end up requiring additional scripting.

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