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Thread: Mac Performance

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    Still not working

    Quote Originally Posted by Wonderhaven View Post
    Same issue for me. Extremely high cpu usage and fan goes crazy. Computer gets extremely hot as well. Performance renders the application completely unusable.

    2018 Macbook Air running Catalina 10.15.4.
    Any improvement on your side?

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    No change for me. Still unplayable with the amount of slowdown and delay.

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    I installed FGU last night and am having the same issues; fan goes crazy and the laptop starts to overheat.

    Erm...I haven't updated my MacBook at all as I am insanely lazy with tech stuff. MacBook Air Sierra 2015.

    Edit: Updated to Catalina 10.15.4
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    I installed FGU last night on a 2013 MacBook Air running Catalina 10.15.4 and had similar issues with high CPU usage and heat.

    I didn't even load any campaign and the default landing page app is causing computer to be too hot to remain on lap with significant discomfort. Am worried it could cause long lasting damage to the laptop.

    Also, clicking on the Settings button causes the app to crash.

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    Works well on Windows, not on Mac

    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    We are in the process of making some frame rate targeting changes that may help with performance. The Mac build isn't live with those changes yet, but should be by tomorrow.

    However, I'm not sure that a 9-year old computer is going to handle the system well overall, and we don't have any way of "downgrading" graphics behavior. The requirements are primarily driven by Unity platform, as well as the amount of graphics in rulesets and modules.

    I have a 2015 MacBook Pro, and I downloaded Windows on it. When I run FG on the Mac OS, my fans go crazy, and my laptop overheats. When I run on Windows, I don't experience any issues. Since I am using the same machine, I am fairly confident that it is not a hardware issue. For some reason FG works better on Windows than it does on Mac. Is this being addressed?

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    The exact same code is used to build the application for both Mac and Windows; so there is nothing we are specifying that the Unity game engine do differently for OSX vs. Windows.
    So, this seems to be related to the Unity's core game engine for OSX vs. Windows.

    I know that the frame rate specified by FG is based on the OS screen refresh rate; so perhaps OSX is running at a higher refresh rate than Windows on the same laptop?

    You can use "/vsync 0" chat command which tells the Unity game engine to use a fixed 60 fps to compare the same on each OS. However, we have found that the frame rate we specify is sometimes overriden by graphics drivers; so you may need to review the graphic driver control panels for each OS to make sure there are no overrides.

    Once we get the next beta release out, we are planning to look at upgrading to the 2020 LTS version of the Unity game engine released just last month, which may help as well.


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    Mac users need a little love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyrwin View Post
    Come on Doug. Mac is not 10% of users. Maybe it is, not acceptable. Mac users need a little love.
    No Doug that I know of has made a comment anywhere in this thread. Besides that, I'm still not sure what you are trying to say. As stated by Moon (aka John), they are looking at implementing a newer Unity engine version which they expect may help the performance for all users. But that won't happen until after the current test build goes live.

    If you are experiencing specific performance issues, please document them and provide details. Things like Moon asked in the post above, or are detailed in the link in my signature will help. Vague statements unfortunately, do not.

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    *Potential workaround*

    **Potenial Workaround**: Shortly after posting this, I read elsewhere in the forums ( that you can launch the updater, update, and then launch. This worked for me. Hopefully it does for you as well.

    Just tried to open FGU on my macbook pro M1, and it crashes. I have been having no issues since I installed it a few weeks ago. It appears to be a rosetta related error, but possibly a security related issue:

    Application Specific Information:
    rosetta error: /var/db/oah/63b8ff35a4bc93e2da17585c4ea5ae7f225c3b5f3c7ebcea016bd32f0f335c15/d663aced86c2b089540d9b5610056b2bb7439b4b7f637ca0da67dc09c01253ac/Fantasy Grounds.aot: attachment of code signature supplement failed: 3
    I am guessing this isn't anything FG is able to address, but was hoping someone might know of a workaround or a bug release in the works.
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